Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 21, 2016
This is a beautiful perspective on our fundraising efforts. When we knew this was our path I was so scared at first, But the Lord whispered to my heart if we did the work the miracles would come. 💕 
Not once have we sat idly and waited for it. I have planned, lost sleep, baked for days, handmade things to sell etc. I tell you there has been blood, sweat and a lot of tears. Others have joined in and done more than I could ever have imagined. I can't describe how it feels to know you have a daughter so far away and needing to pay people so much in order to be "allowed" to bring her home. She was placed in our hearts 10 months ago and now we are so close!💕
We are paid up full to our agency and most of our government fees. And have a little more to put towards what is next. We still need our in country travel and our orphanage donation to raise funds for. We started with an estimated $35,000 we are down to only needing around $12,000(in country travel, guide, interpreter, visa application, medical evaluation and of that$6,000 is a mandatory orphanage donation). We are so close and have about 8-12 weeks to come up with it all. 
I know is that the Lord has truly magnified our efforts and prompted so many to help us. For that we are so humbled. 💕 ‪#‎chinabound‬‪#‎fundraisingbringshumility‬ ‪#‎followtheLord‬ ‪#‎miraclescome‬ ‪#‎faith‬

Here is a blog that truly describes the spiritual process of fundraising. A Spiritual Approach to Fundraising.