4-Timeline/Fees Paid and still Needed

This is a chronological list of "events" or steps for our journey.  I will update as we complete each step of this journey.  A friend shared the above photo with as a way to kind of understand the process overall, each line indicates a lot of: Prayer, Time, Paperwork and Fees.  It is met to both informative and humorous and I am now in a small way beginning to understand the term "paper chase" that I have heard a lot already. :)


2/2/17 Launched Puzzle Fundraiser

  • Homestudy Agency Fee Application Packet Submitted $800 Paid!
  • WHFC Agency Fee Part 1 $2,250 Paid!
  • Fingerprints updated $130 Paid!                                                                                            

    • LOI submitted to China to request to Adopt Ethan
    • Final Documents sent to Home Study Agency
    • Home Study Program Fee $1,000 Paid!
    • Home Study Agency PP visit Pre-Pay $250 Paid!
    • Postal Fees paid to date $98.71
    • PA received from CCCWA for Ethan

    • Immigration Filed I800A Application $945 Paid!
    • USCIS received our application
    • Received USCIS(immigration) appointment letter
    • Agency Fee Part 2 $2,000 Paid!

    What we are working on and fees needed for upcoming steps:

    These Fees are due in the approximately 30-60 days:
    • Dossier Fee when we submit Home study/Immigration approval $1,600
    • Agency Services Fee due upon match $650
    • Waiting for LOA from China
    • Charitable fee due to agency  $500
    • China VISA fee for our child $375
    These fees are due at the time or right before we travel:
    • Approximate travel cost while in China(hotels, 2 in country flights, food, interpreters, transportation to government appointments, Medical fees for Ethan) $8000
    • Flights for family to China(estimate will cary depending on travel dates) $5000 
    • China required Orphanage Donation (variable at time of travel) this is paid when we actually go to China and pick up Ethan $7,000

     Estimated Total = $30,500