3-Brooklyn's Fundraisers

Meet our daughter Brooklyn.  She is 8 years old and she is just a joy to our family.  She has the most kind and giving heart.  She is an inspiring example of Charity and wants to do her part to bring her brother home.  As we have considered our journey to return to China, there is no question in our minds that this little girl should travel with us.  She is the one that found her brother and was relentless in trying to get us to see that he was meant to be in our family.  She prayed and knew in her heart this little boy was her brother.  She is planning to help her money to pay for her own travel expenses.

This page is set up to share with you her current fundraisers she is planning to raise money to pay for her own travel to China.  She has come
up with these ideas all on her own..

Things that she will be doing that will be ongoing.  I will announce all of her fundraisers on our Hoping to Adopt page that you can find here so you know when they are available if you want to purchase anything from her.  Everything is made by her and her friends.  My heart is so full with the love of this sweet child who teaches me every day how to be a better person and mom.

Bake sale(weekly baked goods when the weather is warmer)

Book Bags

Cards (handmade by Brooklyn)

She is writing a play to put on and sell tickets

She is just the most loving sister, I am just in awe at how amazing she has stepped into the role of becoming a Big Sister.  She is so excited for Ethan to come home and has so many plans of activities she would like to do with him and things she wants to teach him.  She has said to me many times, With God anything is Possible.  She is letting nothing hold her back.  She has any idea for anything that may be an obstacle for her brother and is willing to help him reach his potential.